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Health and Family Life Education Curriculum amendments

Ministry of Education | 2012-09-20 00:00:00

The Ministry of Education has noted with concern, the recent controversy over the Health and Family Life (HFLE) curriculum for schools. The Education Ministry wishes to affirm the   importance of HFLE for the development of our children. This curriculum covers appropriately a wide variety of topics about human behaviour and development. The Ministry recognizes, however, that the curriculum should deliver age-appropriate information on sexuality and sexual health.

 The Education Ministry wishes to make clear to the public that the HFLE curriculum was prepared by representatives of the Ministry. The external partners who supported the process of curriculum development - including UNICEF, UNESCO, UNFPA, National Family Planning Board, and the National HIV Programme – were not involved in the drafting of the controversial sections of the HFLE curriculum.

A meeting was held with the partners who were involved in the process, with a view to improving the material .


The team has decided on the following :

  1. The controversial pages of the resource material in the  Grades 7 – 9 curriculum  which has been withdrawn from the schools, will be removed immediately.
  2. A broad -based committee will be established immediately to  review the Sex and Sexuality component of the Grades 7 – 9 curriculum. The group will be chaired by the Deputy Chief Education Officer for Curriculum and Support Services, Ms. Sharon Neil.
  3. To prevent any further disruption to the HFLE programme, schools will be advised to utilize the second edition of the curriculum (which was not published with the controversial pages) until the current curriculum is reviewed.
  4. Following the revision of the Sex and Sexuality component and, broad- based consultations will be held to ensure that the new version reflects and upholds appropriate family values, cultural norms and principles of tolerance and respect for all.
  5. It is expected that the recall of the curriculum and the adjustments will be completed within two months.

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