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Education Ministry condemns violent attacks on children

Ministry of Education | 2012-09-26 00:00:00

The Ministry of Education strongly condemns the recent spate of vicious attacks on our nations’ children, the most recent being the home invasion and sexual assault in Irwin, St. James on Monday night. Children must be allowed to cherish and enjoy their youth and to grow in a country without fear of violation.

 The Ministry of Education devotes all its resources to the best interest of all children. Over the past two weeks there has been an inordinate amount of focus on the Health and Family Life curriculum that has been developed to cover appropriate human behaviour and development. Education cannot take place in a community steeped in fear. Jamaica children are now exposed to brutal attacks, weakened communal and familial support. The risks to childhood are great and require urgent national attention.  

 The Ministry of Education expresses its regret and sorrow for all the unfortunate incidences that have occurred. It is anticipated that the perpetrators will be quickly apprehended and brought to justice.

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