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PAJ reacts to recent violent incidents

Press Association Jamaica Of Jamaica | 2012-09-27 07:10:00

The Press Association of Jamaica, (PAJ) joins the rest of Jamaica in expressing disgust and shock at the dastardly and violent acts carried out against young women and young girls in St James.

The PAJ notes the growing trend in vicious attacks on women and children in Jamaica and calls on every Jamaican to say what they know and do what they know is right.

"The society cannot continue to protect and shelter lost young Jamaican men who have grown into heartless beasts, and the women who know of the abuse of the children and other violent crimes and remain silent," said PAJ President Jenni Campbell.

"The PAJ pledges to play its part in sensitising, highlighting, investigating and exposing the perpetrators of these attacks," added Ms Campbell, as she urged journalists to keep in mind the PAJ's Code of Practice in reporting on these events.
In particular, Ms Campbell is pointing to Section 5 of the code, which states:


 a. The press should not identify children under the age of 18 who are involved in cases concerning sexual offences, whether as victims or as witnesses or defendants in a trial.

 b. In any news report of a case involving a sexual offence by an adult against a child:
       i. The child should not be identified.
       ii. The adult may be identified if such identification would not cause the identity of the child to be revealed.
       iii. In cases of incest, for the purposes of the protection of the identification the child, the term 'incest', where applicable, should never be used.
               1. The offence of incest should be described as 'serious offences against a young child', 'sexual assault of a child', or similar appropriate wording.
              2. Care should be taken that nothing in the report implies the family relationship between the accused and the child.
     iv. Children who are victims or witnesses to violent crime should not be interviewed about what they experienced or saw unless it is clearly in the public interest and only with the consent and in the presence of an adult."

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