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FFP increases access to Pre-Primary Educational facilities in Manchester

Food For The Poor - Jamaica | 2012-09-28 00:00:00

A labour of love by three Jamaican partner organizations gave birth today to a lasting ‘Jamaica 50 gift’ for the people of Greenvale, Manchester – the establishment of the D. Frank’s Early Childhood Institute. Food for the Poor (FFP), Kind Hearts Ltd. and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce formed a powerful philanthropic liaison in carrying out the construction of the school under the FFP Jamaica 50 Campaign. This seeks to construct 50 early childhood institutions in 50 months, in observance of Jamaica’s 50th year of independence.

The Kind Hearts Foundation Ltd. financed the project, the Manchester Chamber of Commerce helped in acquiring the property, while Food For the Poor built the facility.

In her address at today’s official opening of the school, Susan James, Project Manager to Jamaica, FFP Inc., explained that the local non-profit organization, Kind Hearts Ltd., responded to a plea by Food For the Poor for donations in the construction of early childhood institutions under the FFP Jamaica 50 thrust. “The Campaign was launched in June at High House District in St. Catherine, where individuals, civic groups and charitable foundations were invited to partner with us to support this ambitious venture,” recounted Ms. James. “Today we are seeing the tangible response to that appeal through the construction and official opening of the D. Frank’s Early Childhood Institute“. 

Ms. James remarked, “I am absolutely delighted to extend heartfelt appreciation to Kind Hearts Limited for raising the funds to ensure that we give the students of Greenvale a bright start.  It is admirable that this group of young Jamaicans not only provided the funds for the project but also expended all their energies to assist with its construction earlier this year.” She encouraged the community to take care of the facility.

 The D. Frank’s Early Childhood Institute is the third school to be officially opened under the FFP Jamaica 50 Campaign. The facility includes three classrooms, a sickbay, an office area, bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.  The classrooms have also been outfitted with comfortable furniture to help make the learning experience a more enjoyable one.

 “The community of Greenvale and its environs can now boast of having its own gorgeous, new early childhood institution that will help to provide quality education for children in the three to six age group,” said the FFP Project Manager to Jamaica. She pointed out that “Today is a happy day because FFP’s commitment to creating a legacy of easier access to education is now being realized, thanks to the generosity of our donors.” Ms. James also expressed appreciation to former Member of Parliament (MP) Dean Peart, incumbent MP Mikael Phillips and Parish Councillor McArthur Collins for assisting the Manchester Chamber of Commerce in securing the land for the construction of the building. 

 Jacqueline Stewart Lechler of Kind Hearts Ltd, expressed her organization’s satisfaction with their involvement in the project. She pledged support for other such initiatives,

Wendy Freckleton, President, Manchester Chamber of Commerce, who played a leading role in the project partnership, encouraged Greenvale residents to make the institution “a model school” which other educational institutions would strive to emulate.  Mrs. Freckleton commended the Greenvale residents for “their sweat equity” in several aspects of the school’s establishment, including painting of the building and the erection of a perimeter fence. She revealed that the residents have given their commitment to undertake a beautification programme at the school. “I urge you to continue to give your support, as we try to make a difference in our community,” Mrs. Freckleton advised.

Also participating in today’s event, Member of Parliament Mikael Phillips announced that he contributed $ 800,000 from his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for the fencing of the school compound. Lauding the relentless efforts by the Greenvale residents in making the school a reality, Mr. Philips promised to collaborate with the community to ensure the longevity of the institution.

Commendation and endorsement for the project came from Custos of Manchester Sally Porteous, and Clayton Hall, President, Jamaica Teachers Association. Nadine Leachman, Acting Regional Director, Ministry of Education, who was the Keynote Speaker, cited the school as a prime example/symbol of the essential element in a progressive education system – “partnerships”.  She assured that the education sector has increased its training and deployment of early childhood education teachers, in a bid to give priority attention to the pre-primary youngsters and in keeping with the mantra of the Education Ministry – ‘Get it right the first time’.

 An elated Gloria McKenzie, Principal, voiced her appreciation to Food For The Poor and all the other stakeholders, for the new facility. She said she felt that the new school would make a marked difference in enhancing the learning environment for children in the three to six age group in Manchester.

Shantell Wheatley-McFarlane, a Beneficiary of the FFP Educational Programme, shared with the audience, her experience in succeeding against financial and social challenges. She has attained her career goal of being a registered nurse. Entertainment was provided by the children of D Frank’s Early Childhood Institute.

The Jamaica 50 Campaign is part of FFP’s ongoing support to the socio-economic challenges in Jamaica and the 16 other countries where the charity operates. Since its inception 30 years ago, the charity has made significant contributions to the education system through financial grants to needy students, distribution of school furniture and general school supplies, construction of basic schools and replacement of pit latrines with flush toilets.

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