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Education Minister supports Jamaica Association of Private Tertiary Institutions (JAPTI)

International University of the Caribbean (IUC) | 2012-10-02 13:09:00

The Jamaica Association of Private Tertiary Institutions (JAPTI) a newly established consortium of Jamaican private tertiary educational institutions has received Education Minister Reverend Ronald Thwaites approval for its drive to improve the quality of tertiary education in Jamaica.
Reverend Thwaites,  who was guest speaker at JAPTI’s launch at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston recently commended the institution for  the initiative as it provided  an opportunity to blend academic competencies with technical and vocational capabilities, hence eliminating a ‘mismatch in the educational system’.
He said both local and overseas recruiters had observed many Jamaican workers possessed the technical capacities but not the academic foundation to manage the technology associated with industrial or manufacturing.  He added there were also many persons with several CSEC and CAPE subjects who were unable to function and challenged JAPTI‘s members to address these discrepancies

JAPTI, which is headed by president of the International University of the Caribbean (IUC) Rev. Dr. Maitland Evans, comprises 30 private tertiary institutions including IUC, Western Hospitality Institute, Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica Bible College, University College of the Caribbean, Catholic College of Mandeville and the Media Technology Institute.

Private tertiary education institutions account for 54 percent of Jamaican institutions registered with the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), the local body responsible for accrediting academic programmes.
 JAPTI is currently seeking membership with the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), a reputable US organization serving some 1,500 privately accredited colleges and universities in the United States and Mexico.

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