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LIME Network restoration nears completion

LIME | 2012-10-28 11:21:00


Seventy-two hours after the passage of Hurricane Sandy, LIME is reporting that it is delivering significant service improvement to the badly-damaged eastern portion of the country as its recovery efforts moves at an even faster pace.

The company says its technicians have been successful in establishing a bypass to a critical cable link located between Harbour View in St, Andrew and Morant Bay, St. Thomas that was damaged by falling poles. The areas were ravaged by the onslaught of Sandy. By late Saturday, landline, mobile and Internet customers are expected to have service restored. More work to repair a damaged transmission cable between Bull Bay and Yallahs will vastly improve service to customers in Lloyds and Llandewey.

Additionally the company is now working closely with JPSCo technicians to remount a major fibre link providing landline, mobile and Internet service to Stony Hill in St. Andrew and upper St. Catherine and service should return by Saturday evening.

On Friday, the telecomms company was able to restore service to another section of the ravaged section of eastern Jamaica. LIME restored landline service to customers in parts of the Rio Grande Valley in Portland and reactivated landline and broadband services to more parts of the parish, including the capital, Port Antonio.

Meanwhile, thousands of Jamaicans who are without electricity are still able to use their mobile devices, thanks to the efforts of the roving LIME charging stations, which provides charge to phone users regardless of the network to which they subscribe.

Since Thursday morning, hours after the passage of Hurricane Sandy, the LIME mobile recharge team has been making stops at several communities in Kingston and St. Andrew  and St. Catherine. LIME customers also get free mobile phone credit on these stops.

LIME is working closely with the JPSCo for information about the communities that are still without electricity in order to deploy its mobile charging team to assist persons in those areas.



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