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Island Aquatics Synchro Scores High in International Competition

Island Aquatics Synchro | 2012-10-16 00:00:00

Island Aquatics Synchro Club (IAS) continued their winning streak at the Jamaica International Synchronized Swimming Championships (JISSC) held October 4-6 in Kingston. The club won with 203 points and 21 medals (8 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze). They also won the Age Group Championship Trophy while coaches Olga Novokshchenova (IAS Portland Chapter) and Jun Tochino (IAS Kingston Chapter) shared the Top Coach award.

The competition, which saw a total of some 60 swimmers including Jamaica and clubs from the USA and Canada, was keenly contested in the novice, intermediate, age group and masters categories. The figures competition was held on the Thursday at the National Stadium Pool, while the routines were presented on Friday at YMCA and Saturday at the Stadium.

In the figures competition, gold medals went to Soyini Johnson (age group 12 and under) while Shernet Swearine-Gullotta won the silver.  Lisa-Ashley Crooks (16-18 novice) also won gold. In the 13-15 figures the bronze medals went to Charlotte Ausan . Other bronze medal figures winners were Shandauna Reid (novice 13-15) and Dejonai Willis (novice 12 and under).

In the routines novice category, Felice Coombs, Shanae Minto, and Dejonai Willis won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. The novice duet of Shanae Minto and Felice Coombs won bronze while the novice team routine of Shanae Minto, Felice Coombs and Nikoletta Zdroik-Laing and Kamoya Forrester won silver.

Other IAS gold medals for routines went to Shandauna Reid (novice 13-15 solo), Lisa Ashley Crooks (16-18 novice solo), Nyouka Baugh (12 and under solo), the 12 and under duet of Dajone Leslie and Nyouka Baugh and the 12 and under team of Dajone Leslie, Nyouka Baugh, Shernet Swearine Gullotta and Ajoni Llewellyn. A silver medal went to the 12 and under duet of Soyini Johnson and Hannah Smith while Ajoni Llewllyn won bronze for her 12 and under solo.

Among the 13-15 age group swimmers, Charlotte Ausan and Jamielya Shaw won silver for their duet, while Alexandria Hinds and Rachel Minto-Walker won bronze for theirs. The 13-15 team routine of Alexandria Hinds, Kenya-Amber Beek, Rachel Minto-Walker, Rhea Rampair and Pia-Milan Green won silver.

Coaching Clinic
A highlight of the competition was the clinic conducted for local coaches and swimmers by US National Coach Charlotte Davis who gave helpful comments and suggestions for improving techniques in routines and figures. She commented that she had noticed an improvement in boosts and that the girls were getting stronger compared with 2 years ago.
Judy McGowan, President of US Synchro who was also the meet referee commented that the Jamaican swimmers looked happy to be swimming and that when the technical elements have improved they will be able to concentrate more on facial expressions and improve their scores there.

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Club President: Dr Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith
Club Address: 66 ˝ Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10
Telephone: 383-5325

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