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Update on Incident Involving Assault of Student at UTech

University of Technology | 2012-11-07 00:00:00

In response to the incident involving the physical assault of a male student by 2 on-duty security guards, several measures have been implemented to address the issue.
The corrective measures include the following:
1.     Marksman Limited, the contracted security company and to which the guards were employed, dismissed the guards with immediate effect.
2.     The guards were arrested and their case of assault is now with the police
3.     The University is continuing its investigation into the actions of the persons who reportedly chased two students and incited abuse against them.  The chase resulted from allegation that the male students were found in a compromising position in a bathroom on the campus.  To the extent that UTech students are found to be party to this abuse they will be dealt with in keeping with University policy
4.     The University continues to offer counseling to the parties involved and will continue this exercise to satisfy the comfort of the parties
5.     The University is working with the two students who were chased, to determine and implement a plan to complete their studies in a safe and secure environment
6.     The Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship,  Ethics and Leadership (JDSEEL) at the University is charged to develop a special training programme for security guards and similar workers at the University, to provide the requisite skills to ensure proper safety and security of the university stakeholders.  It is proposed that all contracted workers must undergo this training before they are allowed to work on the campus.  This training will be open to security guards from other companies and to other interested parties.  The course will include instructions on: crime management, crowd control, diversity issues and customer service, among other topics
7.     The University leadership meets with the student body, today, Wednesday, November 7, 2012 to sensitize the community on the latest developments on the issue and on safety measures being implemented
8.     Various groups from academia, staff and student body will continue to have forums on issues related to behavior management, tolerance, diversity and sexuality.  This is designed (in the long term) to influence a cultural shift and facilitate a more harmonious environment.
The University Administration again strongly condemns the assault on the student by the security guards, and other individuals.  It recognizes the challenges resulting from multiple dysfunctions in the society and is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders and to be an agent of change, working with our students and other stakeholders to provide rounded graduates who will make a positive difference in society.

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