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LASCO features nutrition for healthy living

Advertising & Marketing (Ja.) Ltd. | 2012-11-10 00:00:00

LASCO Distributors showcased its wide range of nutritional products at its exhibition booth, on the opening day of the Health, Home and Garden Expo (HHG) which got underway on Thursday November 8 with its opening ceremony at the National Arena.

 Guest speaker for HHG, Cecile Watson Managing Director of the National Housing Trust stopped by the LASCO booth and commented on the array of products displayed. She described the LASCO booth as “Fabulous, excellent presentation”. The HHG Expo runs from November 7-11 at the National Arena.

 With the society’s focus now on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this change can prove to be a financial hiccup as it is an expensive decision to maintain. LASCO, in its quest to remain consumer oriented has provided products that can be incorporated into our daily diet but at a reasonable cost, so the choice of a healthy lifestyle is no longer seen as a financial burden.

 Visitors of the LASCO booth will be treated to cooking demonstrations using LASCO products and recipes to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as Health talks from Denise Hunt- Certified Trainer and Enermax spokesperson.

 Primary products featured at the booth by LASCO Manufacturing at the HHG Expo  include LASCO Oats Porridge Mix and Soy Food Drink- available in a variety of flavours, which provide Calcium, Fibre and Soy Protein; key ingredients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

 Also being featured is LASCO’s Enermax, a Soy and Oats drink mix which is available in several flavours and is an excellent source of Soy Protein for health and Oats for strength and stamina. 


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