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Stronghold and Archway Join Forces

None | 2012-12-10 00:00:00

Archway Caribbean, the Montego Bay based Records Management Company, is now a member of the Prism Services Group. Archway which was started by David and Fenella Holland now joins forces with Stronghold Data Solutions Ltd, another Prism subsidiary, to provide total records and asset management solutions island wide. Edward Ince, Managing Director of Prism Services, announced the Archway acquisition at their Kingston office this week.  The acquisition will be seamless and there will be no changes to the present operating team.

 Prism Services is a regional outsourcing company with operations in Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados and brings a wealth of experience in data management, storage, total document custody, asset management and tracking.  Prism specializes in solutions for payment systems, loyalty, mailing and records and asset management. Their vision is to further develop the Caribbean basin marketplace through strategic subsidiaries, acquisitions and partnerships with fully serviced infrastructure giving companies a regional solution as well as strong local representation.

 Mr. Ince indicated that as a result of this vision, the records management company, Stronghold was established in Kingston and now the addition of Archway in Montego Bay will further enhance Prism’s local and regional commitment to records management.

Sales & Marketing Manager, Andrea Clarke, added that Archway will compliment the operations of its sister company, Stronghold, ensuring that we provide end-to-end coverage for records management throughout the island.

 She went on to say that clients with a multi branch network now have the option to store records closer to their respective branch offices. Additionally, some Kingston based clients  may opt to store some critical  records at the Montego Bay location as a part of their overall disaster recovery and business continuity plan, Both the Kingston and Montego Bay facilities employ modern leading edge infrastructures supported by experienced and qualified staff and management.

 Stronghold and Archway offer the following services:

¨      Records storage (physical storage of actual records) in two locations in Jamaica

¨      Retrieval & delivery of documents to/from your offices

¨      Asset management and Tracking

¨      Scan on demand (i.e. we have the document, you request it, we scan it, you view it immediately and then we deliver the physical document the next day)

¨      Digital services (conversion of documents to digital with search indexes and digital storage)

¨      Shredding & destruction

¨      Special project services for workflow/document retention etc.


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