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Customs combats Under Invoicing- Revenue increased

Jamaica Customs Department | 2012-12-12 00:00:00

In excess of J$150M in additional revenue has been collected between the months of September to December 2012 from cargo that has been under-invoiced. For the period, a total of J$61,622,162 in additional revenue was collected from Motor Vehicle Bills of Sight alone.The additional amount collected from other entries that have been flagged and referred to the Valuation Unit within the same period is J$88,671,915.

The practice of submitting fraudulent invoices contravenes the Customs Act and continues to be closely monitored by the Customs Department. Sanctions include, forfeiture of goods and penalties being levied up to three (3) times the value of the goods. As a result, the public is being advised to desist from the practice of under-invoicing as any attempt to rationalize this action will not be tolerated.

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