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NSWMA's response to Downtown Kingston solid waste issue.

National Solid Waste Management Authority | 2012-12-14 08:14:00

Earlier this morning, it was reported in parts of the media that a section of Down Town Kingston needs to be cleaned and cleared of solid waste. The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) wishes to inform the public that there was a stage show in the said area and the event organizer(s) did not make contact with the Authority to arrange collection of solid waste. This has put a strain on the resource of the MPM Waste Management Limited and is affecting our turn-around time in the general Down Town vicinity.

The Authority wants to remind Events Planners, Party Promoters and all other interest groups that arrangements must be made for the proper cleaning, clearing and disposal of waste, prior to the staging of all events. Offenders will be fined according to section 45(a) of the NSWM Act (2001).  

We also want to remind all Parish Councils and the KSAC that before granting final approval for Amusement License, Party Promoters must show proof that they have made arrangements for the collection and disposal of their solid waste after the event. Persons who place posters and signs on Light Poles and or on Private Properties without the written approval of the respective Local Parish Council and the Jamaica Public Services Company (JPS) commit a breach under section 46 (1) subsection b and section 46 (2) and will be charged accordingly.

The Enforcement and Compliance department of the Authority will be extremely vigilant and will be exercising a zero tolerance approach to persons caught breaching the NSWM Act (2001).

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