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Gas Pro donates $400,000 of LPG to Annotto Bay and Port Maria hospitals

Admark Jamaica | 2012-12-19 00:00:00

In light of the devastation left in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Gas Pro has decided to contribute to rebuilding efforts in St. Mary, by donating a two month supply of LPG (popularly termed cooking gas), to the Annotto Bay and Port Maria hospitals.

The donation of LPG is valued at $400,000 and is one of the many costs that the hospitals have to undertake amongst a sea of other expenses, to return to pre Sandy operational status.

 St. Mary was hit hard by hurricane Sandy, there was much devastation from its passage and many businesses were flooded and millions of dollars in equipment and goods were destroyed.

Commenting on the initiative, Rohan Ambersley, Commercial Manager of  Gas Pro “ we hope that our donation will help to alleviate some of the pressure the hospitals currently face in financing repairs needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The hospitals will now be able to use the portion of their government subvention, typically used to pay for gas, for other purposes.”
Mr. Ambersley and the Gas Pro team of Nicola Mckenzie, Manager Customer Accounts and Lennox Clarke who oversees sales for the parish of St. Mary, Mr. Roy Davidson, Operator of the Gas Pro Plant in St. Mary were accompanied by Mr. Jeff McKitty, President of the St. Mary Chamber of Commerce; on their visit to the hospitals to present them with the donations of LPG.

At the Port Maria hospital the donation was handed to the Chief Executive Officer Althea Gardener and for the Annotto Bay hospital the donation was received by Arlene Mighty and Dr. Ray Fraser, CEO and Chief Medical Officer respectively.

Gas Pro continues to spearhead initiatives of this kind in its efforts to remain a “Force for Good.”

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