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Customs reports multiple seizures of banned item- black mosquito coils

Jamaica Customs Department | 2012-12-21 00:00:00

Over the past two months, the Jamaica Customs Department has reported five major seizures of Black Mosquito Coils at various Sea Ports and Business Premises in Kingston. The item which is being imported under the name “mosquito medicine” is not approved for use by the Jamaican populace and as such is a banned item by the Pesticide Control Authority. As a result, the public is being warned to discontinue any use of this harmful product and its importation.

Penalties being levied against importers thus far include severe fines associated with false declaration, un-manifested goods, excess goods and breach of import permits in addition to the goods being forfeited. Importers are being advised that any attempt to rationalize the import of Black Mosquito Coils will not be tolerated.

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