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Traffic ticket amnesty is government extortion says NDM

National Democratic Movement | 2013-01-01 00:00:00

In light of the revelation of the vast amounts of errors & inaccuracies on the list of alleged motorists regarding the Amnesty for unpaid traffic tickets and the fact that people are being forced to pay twice for traffic tickets already paid. The National Democratic Movement is describing the situation as an extortion racket by a government disparately seeking money at all cost while using a willing Police Force to issue threats of arrests, detention or jail time.

The NDM is calling on motorists who have already paid for the traffic tickets to desist from paying a second time for the same ticket and urging them to take legal action against the relevant authorities.

The NDM had earlier expressed alarm at the poor record-keeping by the relevant authorities which is manifested by the high volume of names of persons who have already paid for tickets from as far back as 8 years ago but are erroneously still in the system as unpaid .

The Movement further chided the government for undermining the rule of law in order to collect revenue into its coffers and is calling on them to scrap this messy traffic ticket amnesty affair and refund all double payments made by motorists. Finally, the NDM wanted to know what the Govt’s priority was: The extortion of unjust revenue from the people or preserving respect for the justice system.

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