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NDM calls on government to cut waste and expenses

National Democratic Movement | 2013-01-09 00:00:00

The National Democratic Movement is calling on the Government to immediately start taking the necessary steps to cut waste and expenses and complete taxation reform as a matter of urgency to help prevent economic collapse.

The NDM is recommending that the Government starts by cutting expenses from the top-down as only the working poor and middle income earners have always been forced to make sacrifices in belt-tightening exercises.
The Movement is urging the Prime Minister to offer stronger leadership at this critical time and suggested that when the Cabinet goes into Retreat this Thursday there be consideration for a 25% reduction in the size of the Cabinet and a 10% reduction in salaries and allowances for Ministers, and Government Consultants.

The NDM has also recommended a reduction in the size of Parliament from 63 to 51 seats to save taxpayers’ money.

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