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Cut consultant spending & strengthen CDA Minister Hanna says G2K

G2K | 2013-01-09 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, is calling on the Minister of Youth and Culture to cut the Ministry’s consultancy bill and to channel those resources to the Child Development Agency (CDA). The organisation’s call comes in the wake of the apparent suicide attempt of three (3) girls in state care and continued reports of neglect and poor supervision of the children in state care.

Floyd Green, president of G2K says “It is clear that the Government is not doing enough to monitor, protect and care for children in state care. Instead the Government continues to play ‘pass the buck’ between the Ministries of Youth and Security over responsibility for wards of the state. It is full time that the CDA be mandated to monitor all children in state care as is envisioned by the Child Care and Protection Act and that the CDA be provided with the requisite resources to do same."

G2K is calling upon the government to immediately treat with the following:

Minister with responsibility for Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, at the first sitting of Parliament, is to make the requisite legislative amendments to remove all doubt with respect to the responsibility of the CDA for all children in state care.

The Minister of Youth and Culture should immediately bring an end to the contracts of at least two (2) of her consultants, resulting in annual savings of over six (6) million dollars and channel those funds to the CDA to increase its staff compliment.

The Minster of National Security, Peter Bunting is to provide a comprehensive report on the probe into 16 year old Vanessa Wint’s death while in custody at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre indicating where the break down in procedure occurred and who will be held accountable.

Green also said that “The nonchalant attitude of the administration towards the housing of children in the State's care in the same facilities must be discontinued in this new year. The Minster of Youth and Culture should immediately act upon the National Plan of Action for Child Justice 2010-2014 and see to the immediate removal of Children from these adult facilities."

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