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Next Generation Truly Green Network deployed by Digicel Jamaica across its country-wide cell tower system

Digicel Jamaica | 2013-01-22 00:00:00

Digicel Group, the best value mobile operator in the Caribbean, Central American and Pacific regions, announced today that it has deployed eVolution Networks' Smart Energy Solution (SES) flagship product across its network in Jamaica.

SES is a fully-automated, intelligent software solution that slashes energy consumption on the cellular tower (base station) level. SES achieves this unmatched cost reduction by deactivating base stations during low traffic demand, while ensuring that subscribers are provided with continued high quality of service. The solution fits seamlessly into any multi-vendor, multi-technology network, eliminating the need for Digicel to invest additional capital in base stations and allowing Digicel's engineers to continue working as usual without having to divert any time and energy to system maintenance.

Digicel began testing SES in early 2012, achieving significant reductions in energy consumption. In October, Digicel fully commissioned SES network-wide, becoming the world's first mobile operator with this innovative green solution. Based on company estimates, SES is expected to save Digicel up to US$1.4M annually in energy costs.

The energy and carbon savings identified were 2.8 GWh and 1.5 KTCO2 respectively. As energy prices continue to rise along with subscriber demand, Digicel Jamaica will be able to significantly increase savings using SES.
"eVolution’s SES is the most mature and cost optimised energy saving platform on the market. It provides a valuable solution for cutting energy across our base stations and best positions us to capitalise on the shift to a fully green network," said Stephen Curran, Network Design Director for Digicel Group.  "Having successfully completed the deployment of eVolution’s solution across most of our base stations, we are now ready to demonstrate the full capabilities and unique advantages of the solution across our 30 other markets across the globe.”
As soon as it became operational on the Digicel Jamaica network, SES conducted both a thorough radio coverage analysis and a deep study of the typical daily traffic patterns of each existing base station across the network. These two steps allowed SES to create individual traffic profiles for each base station across Digicel's network - as well as to fully understand which stations could be safely deactivated while still maintaining service integrity.

"After more than a year of close collaboration with Digicel - in which the value of SES has been proven - we feel confident in our ability to meet the performance and maturity expectations of future customers in markets around the world,” said Roy Morad, CEO of eVolution Networks. “We are very proud of the savings – both monetary and environmental – which we have delivered to Digicel and we look forward to extending our partnership with both Digicel Jamaica and the entire Digicel Group.”

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