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EU launches Community Upliftment Project in Majesty Gardens

EUROPEAN UNION | 2013-01-24 00:00:00

On January 23rd, Rise Life Management Services, launched the second phase of the EU-funded Community Upliftment and Human Rights Awareness project in the community of Majesty Gardens, Kingston. Prime Minister the most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller was in attendance at the launch for the project which will see continued support by the European Union to the development of Jamaica's inner city communities.

Key expected results of the project include:

• Increased awareness of Human Rights among children and adults in eight inner-city communities
• Improved the psychosocial competencies of 200 children living in 3 correctional and child care facilities by training staff and wards
• Increased literacy and numeracy among 75 children and 30 women living in 6 target communities
• Reduced the prevalence of sexual and domestic violence against women by training young men as ‘Change Ambassadors’    

The total cost of the project is some J$45.3 Million of which the EU has contributed $J36 million
Speaking at the launch, EU Head of Operations, Jesús Orús Bàguena spoke on the critical role of human rights and awareness in the development of Jamaica, reiterating the EU's commitment to Jamaica as its largest grant donor.
Mr Orús Bàguena highlighted the potential of the project and the meaningful work done by Rise Life Management in the lives of women and children, the most vulnerable groups within already vulnerable communities. The commitment of the European Union to human rights and integrity is a cornerstone of its ongoing mission to promote peace, democracy and human rights with its development partners, a commitment which was recently recognised with the award of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. 

In closing Mr. Orús Bàguena implored the audience to "work together as community members to provide a safe environment, so that your children can feel free and safe in order to pave the way for a bright future for this beautiful country".



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