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KSAC meets with vendor representative

KSAC | 2013-01-25 00:00:00

The Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) today met, with President of the Vendors Association-Lionel “Dunston” Whittingham regarding media reports of a planned demonstration in the Market District associated with an increased in rates of vendor registration.

Mayor Brown Burke chaired the meeting and two areas were highlighted in the discussion:

1.    Increased in rates for Vendor registration
Mr. Whittingham raised his concerns but in the discussions gave his unwavering support to the KSAC and disassociated himself from any planned demonstration. “I will lead no demonstration and have said nothing about blocking any roads. No one will get me to lead a demonstration.” said Mr. Whittingham.
2.    Identification of additional vending areas
Mr. Whittingham also proposed continued discussion with the Council for the reconsideration of vending in the Parade area.

The Mayor appointed a team including the Vendor Association President, Mr. Whittingham to survey, and make recommendations for consideration by the KSAC.

It was agreed that all parties would engage in participatory and partnership building on the way forward.

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