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Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commissioner arrives in Jamaica as guest of NIA

National Integrity Action Limited | 2013-01-28 00:00:00

Joseph Kamara, Commissioner of the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission is in Jamaica on a five-day visit as guest of National Integrity Action (NIA).  Mr. Kamara arrives on Sunday, January 27.  During his stay, Mr. Kamara will be guest speaker at a number of events organized by NIA and will make courtesy calls on public officials and host a press conference with members of the media fraternity.

Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of NIA explains that the objective of Mr. Kamara’s visit at this time “is to share with NIA’s key stakeholders and indeed the wider Jamaica public, the experiences of Sierra Leone in their fight against corruption and the mechanisms and frameworks that were engaged in the establishment of that country’s Anti-Corruption Commission.”

“The visit of Mr. Kamara to Jamaica at this time is opportune and NIA is extremely pleased that he accepted our invitation.  Jamaica is at a critical junction as the Government of Jamaica has committed to the rationalization of anti-corruption bodies… into a single anti-corruption commission with strong powers and appropriate safeguards. NIA and civil society are insisting that this promise be kept given the centrality of corruption as a barrier t6o Jamaica’s development,” Professor Munroe stressed.  

Post-Civil War Sierra Leone has been consistently ranked as highly corrupt by Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Index and by all other independent accounts. It is against this background and under sustained and intense pressure from the international donors who had bankrolled the battered country towards the end of the Civil War, that Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was established by the Government, by way of the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Act of 2000.  Subsequent transformation of the Commission in 2008 to give it stronger powers has resulted in more effective combat of corruption and the improvement of the country’s standing both nationally and internationally.

Mr. Kamara was appointed Commissioner in July 2010.

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