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Manufacturing is alive at Omni Industries and Flexpak after fire

Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association | 2013-01-28 00:00:00

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) is pleased to report that manufacturer Omni Industries is back to full production after the disastrous fire, which gutted its warehouse and partially damaged machinery on January 19, 2013. Full power has also been restored to its sister company, Flexpak Limited, which is back to 80% of production capacity, ensuring that all industrial customers are adequately supplied with their packaging needs.
JMA President Brian Pengelley advised that “There is no need to import products manufactured by Omni Industries and Flexpak Limited, as production has now been resumed, demonstrating resilience in the midst of adversity.”
According to the chairman of Omni Industries, Uwe Kumst, “We want consumers to know that Omni Industries and Flexpak are alive and kicking after the destruction of our warehouse and 20% of our machinery.”
Omni Industries has started manufacturing PVC pipes again, which is key to its operation, with a full range of pipes now in stock. In addition, the Injection-Moulding Department has managed to get two production units running at full speed in manufacturing bottle crates, industrial buckets and houseware. Another four production units are expected to be up and running this week.

“We are very proud to have the support of hardworking employees who literally worked around the clock to make this happen, and we are equally proud to share that the majority of our workers will be able to return to work within the next few days,” stated Kumst.

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association will be visiting the factories of Omni Industries and Flexpak on Thursday and invites Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, the Hon. Anthony Hylton to visit at his convenience.

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