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NDM criticizes Government about Christmas Parties

National Democratic Movement | 2013-01-31 00:00:00

In light of the report in the media last weekend regarding the millions of dollars spent by the government on Christmas parties in December 2012 the Chairman of the National Democratic Movement issued the following release:
The National Democratic Movement (NDM) has criticized the government over the reported spending of millions of dollars of tax payers’ money on lavish Christmas parties last month.

The NDM said that whereas it has nothing against public servants enjoying moments of fellowship and revelry, it believes that it is unreasonable and unconscionable for the Government to spend scarce resources, in these critical times, on such events, when hundreds of workers are about to lose their jobs and the citizens of the country are being asked to bear more economic sacrifices.

The Movement said that all patriotic citizens must be disturbed by this latest waste and is warning the Government that if it continues to borrow money and misuse it on misplaced priorities, it is sentencing the next generation to debt.
The NDM is asking, “Where is the leadership? Where are the examples and where is the inspiration?” that the present government should be giving.

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