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G2K expresses concerns for national security

G2K | 2013-02-08 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), expressed its concern regarding the continued spate of violent crimes and the negative effect the current state of the country's national security is having on its economic growth.

At a press conference held at the JLP Headquarters yesterday, G2K Legal Adviser Alando Terelonge, pointed out the direct impact violence and crime is having on Jamaica's economic development.
"The reality is that national security is fundamental to economic growth and stability," said Terrelonge. "Studies have revealed that our inability to make Jamaica a safer place to live and do business has handicapped business development, discouraged local and foreign investment and destroyed capital formation."

Though the rate of crime in 2012, continued the decline which started in 2010, Terrelonge said the rate is still too high.

“Every single Jamaican is affected by crime and violence. Not only is the murder rate worrying, but so too are the instances of violent confrontations between our law enforcement officers and civilians, which unfortunately, have resulted in Jamaica also having one of the highest instances of civilian killings in the world. Equally disturbing are the number of police officers killed each year as they risk their lives daily to serve and protect the law abiding citizens of this nation.”

Terrelonge concluded with condolences to the families of those who lost their lives to violent crimes, including police officers and children like 4 year old Rushane Burford, 8 year old Imani Miller and 14 year old Shariefa Saddler. He called upon the Government to place priority on pushing a legislative agenda that helps in the fight against crime, such as the much discussed DNA and Anti-Gang legislation, instead of legislation that do not assuage our security or economic concerns.
"The government has tabled a bill before Parliament for Jamaica to become a republic and a bill for us to do away with the Privy Council, neither of which helps our grave national security and economic concerns." said Terrelonge.

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