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Counterproductive tax package & hypocritical call to sacrifice

National Democratic Movement | 2013-02-15 00:00:00

The National Democratic Movement continues to express concern as to how successive Governments of Jamaica continue to ignore fiscal prudence and always asking the people to sacrifice while ensuring that they themselves, their families and their political appointees are cushioned from the full effect of the taxes they impose or the sacrifices they ask the people to endure.

 The NDM again called on this government to lead by example, even if it is merely symbolic, and make cuts in the following areas:
1)Cut the current Cabinet size;
2)Significant cuts on numbers of advisors;
3)Reduce the number of seats in Parliament to 53.
4) Remove the recently announced tax package that will again prove to be counter productive, as was the past 3 announced in recent years. Instead embark on a national mobilization effort to create tens of thousands of new jobs in the lucrative IT sector with special emphasis on call centres. Jamaica is strategically located to the USA and can gain much benefit as we already speak English here.

We call upon the Government to join us in the sacrifice they ask us the people to make.
We do agree that the debt must be reduced but we don't want to be strangled to death by our government in order to reduce the debt.

We will understand and support when we see a coherent leadership and a clear sign that our sacrifice will not be in vain.  


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