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Burdensome taxation – Property Tax Increase

National Democratic Movement | 2013-02-19 00:00:00

The NDM has noted with grave concern the heartless manner in which the government has imposed taxes on the people of Jamaica, even while unemployment and hopelessness increases. This is being done while the government is once again asking the public sector workers to hold strain, and is insensitive to sharing in the sacrifices, as they purchase brand new vehicles and maintain a cadre of consultants and advisers.

The NDM feels the frustration of Jamaicans who seem to be always "banning" their bellies while those of the politicians feel no such restriction.

In particularly, the unconscionable property tax increases is going to prevent Jamaicans from realizing the dream of owning their own homes, and will also increase rental rates.

For most Jamaicans the largest asset that they will own is a home and now they are being asked to fork out money to pay the government who did not provide the opportunity for them to acquire these homes. This is injustice, especially as the rates have been increased so significantly at a time when the poor Jamaican people have been seeing their income levels and standard of living fall.

Jamaicans must now realize that after 60 years, the major political parties have done nothing but cause hardship for the country and restricted opportunity for the hard working Jamaican.

The NDM is committed to changing this trend and bringing opportunity to the people. One of the things that we will as a priority reverse is the oppressive property tax regime that has been imposed on Jamaicans in such a difficult time, without any consultation. Taxation without representation is immoral and a betrayal of the people by parliament!

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