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GSAT 2013 Update

Ministry of Education | 2013-03-20 00:00:00

On March 21 and 22, 43,384 students will sit the Grade Six Achievement Test in 1184 centres across the island.  Schools that operate as examination centres will be closed on these two days to allow our GSAT students to concentrate on their examinations, uninterrupted.  The students  sitting this examination, with only a few exceptions, for example, students who recently migrated to Jamaica and were not able to sit the Grade Four Literacy/Numeracy Tests  would have arrived at this point through the  implementation  of the Competence-based Transition Policy, as all would have been certified literate in order to sit GSAT.  

All Grade Six students were registered under the Ministry of Education’s National Student Registration (NSR) system and students eligible for the GSAT drawn from this cohort.  Of the 47,899 registrants, 4,515 have been granted a deferral so that they may sit GSAT in 2014. An additional 2,716 would not have mastered the Grade Four Literacy Test after being given the four opportunities.  Students who have not attained mastery of the Grade Four Literacy Test and are still operating below the required grade level will be transitioned into an appropriate programme based on their identified learning needs.
The Ministry of Education is confident that all is in place for the administration of the GSAT, which will run over two days. All timetables have already been dispatched to the students.  

Secured examination packages will be sent to the six regional offices, which will then be dispatched to principals and presiding examiners of schools prior to the examinations.  Every precaution has been made and will continue to be made to preserve the integrity of the examination.  Under GSAT, students will be tested in the critical areas of the primary school curriculum; namely Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science and Communication Tasks.

Note should be taken that special accommodation has been made for all our special needs students.

The Ministry wishes to remind everyone that the placement of students is largely automated and done on the basis of performance and in relation to each student’s choice.  The system is an objective one in which students’ performance is ranked by their standard composite scores starting with the student with the highest score, then moving to the next highest score right down until the last child is placed. If all spaces within the student’s five choices are exhausted, placement proceeds on the basis of the relevant school’s Secondary Preference List and if absolutely necessary, manually, on the advice of Education Officers.

It is anticipated that results of the GSAT will be available in June as scheduled.

As our students prepare for this examination parents are being reminded to:
1.    Remain calm.
2.    Support, rather than pressure their children at this time.
3.    Ensure that GSAT candidates are well rested before the examination.
4.    Make plans for their child/children to have a nutritious breakfast and a snack during the two days of the examination.
5.    Leave the examination centres as soon after your child has settled down to do the examination.
Students should:
1.    ensure that they take enough pencils with them for the examination.
2.    listen to the instructions of the examiners and concentrate on completing the papers on time.
3.    be confident in themselves.

As is now customary, in order to ensure quick and easy access to information, hotlines have been set up as follows:

Region 1 – Kingston and St. Andrew                                              948-9388
Region 2 - Portland, St Thomas and St Mary                                993-5586
Region 3 – Trelawny and St Ann                                                      917-7849
Region 4 – St James, Hanover and Westmoreland                    979-8590
Region 5 – St Elizabeth and Manchester                                       625- 7859
Region 6 – Clarendon and St Catherine                                        745-1153/983-1654-5
Student Assessment Unit                                                                 922-5680
Deputy Chief Education Officer                                                         948-9619
Chief Education Officer                                                                       948-8715

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