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Ministry of Education | 2013-03-25 00:00:00

The Ministry of Education would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to all who assisted in making the administration of GSAT 2013 a success.

It must be noted that challenges were experienced in 24 of 83 schools in Region 3 with the Mathematics paper. This challenge was a result of a printing error on one page in the Mathematics booklet which resulted in 24 questions being omitted.

Principals can be assured that all papers for the students affected will be individually assessed and the necessary procedures will be put in place to ensure that each student will receive a score based on their ability and performance on the test.

It must also be noted that due to the policy of the Ministry, booklets are not opened and reviewed once they are received from the specially selected printers, who would have contractually guaranteed that all test papers have been printed based on the camera ready copy submitted.

The Ministry truly regrets this challenge that was experienced in the 24 of the 794 schools in 1,184 centres. We assure all teachers and principals that everything will be done to ensure that the students are not placed in disadvantageous position because of the omission of the questions.

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