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Statement from the MP for NW. St. Ann, Dr. Dayton Campbell

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2013-04-19 00:00:00

Following two days of consecutive protest from residents in the Brown’s Town area regarding the stoppage of water supply and much work on the ground from the area’s representatives, a Town Hall meeting on the issue held yesterday yielded timely and promising results. Firstly, assurances were made that normalcy in the water supply is to be restored as of 30th April, 2013 and in the mean time, the 40,000 gallon tank will be filled daily to serve up to 90% of the affected residents.

In addition, all of the National Water Commission (NWC) trucks providing services will be labeled to prevent confusion and absolutely no water will be sold from said trucks. The residents present at the meeting were assured that no NWC customer will be charged for the period in which no potable water was supplied to the area.

In regards to the cause of the disruption, Mr. Curtis Thomas, the technical services manager out of Montego Bay explained that the root of the issue lies with the pump and the subsequent time needed to procure its replacement. As such, the well, which lies at a depth of 850ft, will have to be cleaned before the pump is then re-installed. He assured the residents that the equipment is already on site and the work to restore water service will begin today.

Ms. Julia Gordon and Messers Thomas, Green and Johnson represented the NWC in what proved to be a productive and well-attended meeting.



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