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Media committed to the search for truth

Press Association Jamaica Of Jamaica | 2013-04-22 00:00:00

The Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) wishes to assure the people of Jamaica that our media practitioners remain committed to the search for truth and the holding to account of public and private officials to good governance and transparency in the conduct of their affairs on behalf of the public.
We hold sacred our commitment to pursue the truth, however inconvenient for some and in doing so will always endeavour to accord due respect for the offices of public officials.

The PAJ reiterates that we take seriously any credible charge that some journalists, in the course of conducting their duties, may have been disrespectful to anyone and remind media practitioners of their duty to show due respect to all regardless of their standing in the society.

However, we are concerned that there are deliberate efforts being made to shield the Prime Minister from facing questions on current and controversial national issues that demand answers and comment from her.
We note that Prime Minister Simpson-Miller has not granted any substantive interview since assuming that office more than 15 months ago despite formal and informal requests from media houses.

This is not good enough, especially at a time when the country is being bedeviled by chronic economic, social and governance problems.
The PAJ is prepared to meet with the administration to address any concerns it may have and give it an opportunity to resolve the issues working journalists are now having and welcome the invitation from minister with responsibility for information Sandrea Falconer to begin the discussions this Thursday.

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