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Education Ministry directs public school administrators to cease discrimination

Ministry of Education | 2013-04-22 00:00:00

It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Education that some public schools at the primary level have been administering screening examinations to students before they can be considered for admission to school.  It is reported that schools are charging as much as $8,000 for these screening examinations.

Subject to the provisions of the Regulation Act 1980, Section 23.-2(a)
“no person who is eligible for admission as a student to a public educational institution shall be refused admission thereto except (a) on the ground that accommodation is not available in that institution;”

The Grade One Individual Learning Profile is the only official instrument endorsed by the Ministry of Education for students at the primary-level and was enforced to assess students’ readiness at the formal beginning learning stage. Students should not be subjected to any other measure of testing that would deem them ineligible for entry to school.

Administrators of primary-level schools must also take into consideration that students are being prepared for secondary and higher levels of learning, thus the primary level should therefore be treated and regarded as foundational.

School administrators are:  
•    directed to accept children on a first come, first serve basis with regard to students who reside in proximity of the school and
•    being warned to immediately desist from this practice and cease from discriminating against any student, parent or family on financial, intellectual or social grounds.

In all cases the Rights of the Child must remain at the forefront; and access and equity in the educational school system must be preserved. Schools are asked to cooperate with the Ministry as we work together to uphold the mantra “Every child can learn: Every child must learn”.

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