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G2K urges PM to focus on youth unemployment

G2K | 2013-04-29 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party,  is today calling on the Prime Minister to use her contribution to the Budget debate to focus on the issues of youth unemployment, growth and restoring credibility to the political landscape.

Noting that to date the Government has not outlined how it plans to stem the rise in youth unemployment over the past year; G2K is suggesting that the Prime Minister tomorrow sets out clear strategies along with timelines for implementation to stop the scourge of youth unemployment and to produce sustained growth in the economy.

“The old adage that the devil finds work for idle hands remains true, as youths commit the vast majority of crime in Jamaica, with the UNDP, in its Caribbean Human Development Report 2012, reporting that Jamaica spends more than $46.5 billion every year as a direct public and private cost to fight youth crime. The Prime Minister must use her presentation to show a clear path to addressing this problem” said Floyd Green, president of the organization.

In that regard, the organization is suggesting that the Prime Minister take on board the suggestion for the establishment of a venture capital fund to provide seed funding to release the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth. It is also suggesting that the Government examine establishing a Youth Apprenticeship programme and refocus energies on initiatives like the young farmers entrepreneurship porgamme.

G2K further added that the presentation tomorrow also provides the Prime Minister with an opportunity to remedy the credibility crisis that has been created by her handling of the Richard Azan issue.  The organization reminds the Prime Minister that she had solemnly promised in her inaugural address to create “more accountable and transparent government.”

“The Prime Minister pronouncements in the Azan issue, lowers the bar of accountability instead of raise it. It again feeds into the perception that our politicians can break the rules and face no sanction. The Prime Minister should demonstrate to the people the level of accountability she promised and announce that she has removed Azan from his position as Minister of State” added President Green.

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