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Homestead Place of Safety to get $600k facelift from Lime Foundation

LIME | 2013-05-22 00:00:00

This ‘Labour Day’, staff members from LIME will be putting their hands to work at the Homestead Place of Safety, located in Stony Hill.

The project valued over $600,000 is spearheaded by the LIME Foundation and will see volunteers from the company spending the day assisting with refurbishing of the bathroom facilities and entrance of the place of safety.

Homestead, formerly a boy’s home was reopened in 2005 catering to the needs of girls between the ages 12-18, providing for them not only a safe place of dwelling but also providing academic and vocational training for a total of 64 girls in state care.

The month of May in Jamaica is celebrated as National Child’s Month and LIME as key supporters of the month’s activities in celebration of the nation’s children, has decided to focus their Labour Day project on the children of Jamaica.

“The LIME family decided to dedicate our labour to the Homestead Place of Safety in keeping with the theme of Child’s Month 2013, ‘Children’s Care Protection: A Fi Wi Business.” said E.K Miller, President of the LIME Foundation.

“We will be painting, repairing fixtures and improving the overall appearance of the facility”, he highlighted.

“We are always eager to support initiatives that benefit children and this project is significant as it affects those who are most in need of assistance. It is the business of the Homestead Place of Safety and other such institutions to care for and protect children of the state and as responsible corporate citizens, ‘a fi wi business’ to give assistance to these homes” Mr. Miller added.

LIME has also launched an internal donation drive for its staff to donate items like toiletries, clothing and furniture to the effort.

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