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Digicel CEO says termination rates will allow Digicel to deliver more value

Digicel | 2013-05-30 00:00:00

Digicel Jamaica CEO, Barry O’Brien, declared that Digicel is very happy with the new mobile termination rates announced by the OUR today. Speaking at a press conference held at its new regional headquarters Downtown Kingston this afternoon, O’Brien said that “our customers have come to expect the very best from Digicel and we will continue to deliver the best value as we have done for over 12 years.”

Continuing he said that “Digicel was pleased to be a part of the determination process with the OUR resulting in the reduced mobile termination rate and is looking forward to how this will pave the way for increased value for mobile customers and the introduction of fixed line services. The new MTR (mobile termination rates) will certainly enable us to do for fixed line what we have been doing for mobile since inception 12 years ago.” The new Telecoms head announced that “Digicel plans to actively compete in this area.”

The telecommunications company added that in the near future, it will aggressively launch landline products largely based on wireless technology to directly compete against the present copper based landline services.

In speaking about the Digicel’s vision going forward, O’Brien said that he is committed to building on the four main principles on which the Digicel brand was built - Technology, Customer Care, Value and Giving Back. He spoke to each principle while giving the media information about the company’s upcoming plans.

“Digicel is investing heavily in technology and network improvement and is proud to have the only nationwide 4G network. Over last year we invested $7Billion in our network and will be investing another $3Billion this year. We fully understand that the primary use of mobile technology is changing towards data usage and Digicel as usual is giving people what they need to enable them to have internet everywhere,” the CEO said.

O’Brien also thanked the OUR and the Government for their vision behind the number portability initiative. He noted that “over the coming days and weeks you will hear of Digicel’s bigger better value offers enabled by the OUR changes.”

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