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Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy tests on June 6 & 7 update

Ministry of Education | 2013-06-05 00:00:00

The Ministry of Education is prepared for the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests scheduled for June 6 and 7, 2013. Fifty-four thousand one hundred and eighty-seven (54, 187) students will sit the Grade 4 Literacy Test (G4LT). This includes 24,031 females and 30,156 males. This figure includes those students who have not mastered the examinations in previous sittings and are still at the primary level. Forty-three thousand eight hundred and forty (43,840) students will sit the Grade Four Numeracy Test. Presiding examiners and invigilators have been selected and trained and are ready to provide support for the efficient administration of the Examinations.

The Tests are administered every year in June as a part of the National Assessment Programme. These assessments are diagnostic in nature and provide detailed information on the performance of the students in the Mathematics and English components of the curriculum. The results are used to determine the areas of focus for the teachers as well as the necessary intervention for those students performing below the acceptable levels.

The Grade Four Literacy Test is administered twice per year – June and December. This allows for those students who have not attained mastery before they exit the primary level an opportunity to resit. Under the Competence Based Transition Policy each student is allowed to write the examination a maximum of four times.

The Grade 4 Literacy (G4LT) Test has an objective and a subjective component. The objective component consists of two subsets namely Word Recognition and Reading Comprehension. Word Recognition consists of forty (40) questions. The Reading Comprehension consists of thirty (30) items.

• Subjective component consists of two (2) Writing Tasks.
• Mastery of the G4LT is based on the following;
• A score of 31 and above on Word Recognition, a score of 12 and above on Reading Comprehension and a score of 5 and above on Writing Tasks. (All three components must be mastered)

The Grade Four Numeracy Test also has an objective and a subjective component. The objective component consists of forty-six (46) questions, while the subjective component consists of three open ended questions. A total of fourteen (14) marks are allocated to this component making the overall score for the test sixty (60).

• Mastery at the Grade Four Numeracy Test is based on 15 and above on Number Operation & Number Representation combined, 9 and above on Geometry & Measurement combined and 6 and above on Algebra & Statistics combined.

Below are tips for parents and students on the efficient management of the evaluation exercise:

•    Students are to ensure that they take at least 2 HB pencils to the examination and a clean eraser
•    Go to bed early on the night before the examination
•    Do not study on the night before examination, just relax
•    Have a healthy breakfast on the morning of examination, try not to over eat
•    Be at the examination venue at least on hour before the start of the examination
•    Do not attempt to get help from anyone in the examination room
•    Direct any queries you have to the Presiding examiners/Invigilators
•    Parents are not to interfere with the examination procedures

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