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Junior Broadcasters' skills on display at Local Animation Conference

FlowJamaica | 2013-06-22 00:00:00

Students of Allman Town Primary, winners of the 2012 Flow In My School Competition, were able to showcase their impressive broadcasting skills at the KingstOOn Animation Conference in Kingston on Friday, July 21.  The six (6) junior broadcasters were invited by Flow, to do a live outside broadcast at the Conference which explored a range of topics including animation development, industry insight and experiences of young Jamaican animators.

Last year December, Allman Town Primary excelled in the Flow In My School Competition to become the grand prize winners of eight (8) all-in-one HP Computers, laptops and computer tablets for the innovative use of technology.  For the past year, the school body has been actively building the skills of their junior broadcasters and engineers via their online radio station, KiDz HuB ATPS Radio.   So far, the students have provided live coverage at the Caribbean Sub-Regional Consultation on Violence against Children, in May, 2012, National Jamaica Day and the 2012 Penn Relays in Philadelphia, one of their biggest and most accomplished assignments to date.

KiDz HuB Media Network is a non-profit, international online broadcasting company, created to equip kids, tweens and teens with communication skills which provide them with a platform through their network of radio stations and media partners, to express themselves to the world.

Last year, KiDz HuB established the ATPS radio station and media 'klub' at the Allman Town Primary School as part of their pilot program in the Caribbean.  The online radio station was the first ever to be established in a primary school in the country along with The Portmore Missionary Preparatory School. The school currently has approximately 20 members including a child executive that oversees the operations.

The Founder of KiDz HuB Network, Orlando Dillon, spoke about the students’ accomplishments over the past year. "When these students collaborate and co-host with other junior broadcasters in the United States, Australia, England and Germany, they are already developing the skills necessary to navigate this global economy. These kids, tweens and teens or 'hubbers', as we call them, have surprised themselves over and over again. This continues to motivate us as a network to seek out additional ways to do more and that is why we are grateful to Flow for their support. As these junior broadcasters gradually grasp the art of communication, self-confidence, innovative use of technology and broadcast media, they begin to realize that they can make a huge difference in the world."

Teacher and broadcasting tutor, Omaro Mazlyn, who accompanied the students to the conference, also commented on the importance of exposing the students to technology and developing their communication skills at such an early age.  “Any kind of activity that supplements the development of students is supported at Allman Town Primary.  There is a direct link between the KiDz HuB radio broadcasting programme and the English Language arts, simply because of our multi-dimensional approach to the curriculum.  Every time the students exercise their broadcasting skills, we are able to identify areas of weakness and strength in each individual.  We can then build on that so they become better and better each time.”

At the end of the day, Students Tarjmaar Miller, Tyrese Lester, Inzingah McCarthy, Toneika Tate, Jo-Nathan Smith and Raegene Bennett who made up the KiDz HuB ATPS radio station junior broadcasting crew could not have been happier for the opportunity at KingstOOn.  When asked what they thought of the experience they unanimously and excitedly responded that it was a “Fantastic” event.

As for Denise Williams, Director of Corporate Communications at Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited, operators of Flow and Columbus Business Solutions, she expressed her contentment with the fact that Flow was a part of this initiative. “We couldn’t think of a more opportune time to showcase the skills of these bright young students, than right here at this local animation conference,” said the Director.  “We are always looking for creative opportunities for our students and teachers in our Building Leaders Through Technology Programme, and so we are happy today that through the use of technology, more doors have been opened for them.

KingstOOn, the two-day animation conference and festival for international and Jamaican industry leaders, businesses, Jamaican animation professionals and amateurs and young dreamers was geared towards promoting the animation of Jamaican creativity through a host of workshops and panel discussions.


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