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Minister Peter Phillips addresses Town Hall Forum in London

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2013-06-26 00:00:00

Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Peter Phillips PhD MP, presented to a capacity audience of members of the Jamaican Diaspora from across the United Kingdom. The activity, sponsored by Jamaica National was a part of the "Jamaica 50 years and Beyond..... Assessing our Economic Future" presented an opportunity for participants to receive first hand insights on the Government's Growth Agenda, Safety and Security Programme as well as recent developments in the Economy and the local Foreign Exchange market. In his frank and direct delivery, the Minister made it plain that our failure as a people to have achieved sustainable economic growth at a pace commensurate to the needs of the people and the "trap of debt" if not appropriately and quickly resolved threatens to undermine our very sovereignty. The Minister explained that it is an acknowledgement of this fact of history which constrains our future that has undergirded the Government's short, medium and long term macroeconomic programme and targets. At the end of his presentation, questions were fielded from the audience which had participated with rapt attention.  Questions covered a range of issues and sectors. Including how members of the Diaspora here may participate in specific investment projects, government's response to the depreciation of the Jamaican currency as well as the APD and aspects of the current Extended Fund Facility recently agreed with the International Monetary Fund.



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