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Customers welcome ‘Pay the Right Price’ Digicel Campaign

Digicel | 2013-07-29 00:00:00

Telecommunications leader, Digicel is taking the “Pay the Right Price” message into communities across the island, encouraging customers to avoid paying for over-priced phone cards.  With stops in Ocho Rios, St. Ann’s Bay, Falmouth and Montego Bay, Digicel representatives were on spot ensuring that customers were aware of the correct prices for Digicel phone cards and how to report overpricing.
Customers were happy to learn about the campaign as many had complaints of being overcharged for phone cards at one time or another.  “Mi glad seh Digicel come out wid dis because a nuff time me have to pay almost $200 fi a hundred dollar card,” one customer declared.

Another customer shared his frustration with the incidents of overpricing in Falmouth.

“Everywhere around these parts sell phone cards expensive.  Right now, if I want to buy a phone card, I have to wait until I can go in the Digicel store and buy it and that’s not always convenient.  So I feel good that they’re doing this,” he said.

Recharge manager at Digicel, Annalise Harewood pointed to the importance of the campaign.  “We need everyone to come on board with the ‘Pay the Right Price’ initiative which is designed to benefit our customers and help them to truly get the value that they are paying for. We shouldn’t have customers being overcharged to top up their phones,” she said.

To avoid paying inflated costs, Digicel is encouraging customers to only purchase top up from numerous Digicel locations across the island. A dedicated line – 164 – has also been set up to allow customers to report any incidences of over-charging by retailers when purchasing Digicel credit.
To ensure islandwide awareness of the locations that sell top up at the right retail price, Digicel is branding these outlets with a ‘Right Price’ symbol – a green tick – and is encouraging its customers to look out for this symbol when purchasing their Digicel credit.

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