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"PM’s failure to update nation on official trips, unacceptable" says G2K

G2K | 2013-09-04 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2k), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, has labelled Prime Minister Simpson-Miller’s seeming reluctance to update the country on any of her many official trips as unacceptable.

The organization noted that the Prime Minister has taken no less than five (5) official trips and, to date has not provided a report to the people of Jamaica of the outcomes of these excursions.

“The most honourable Prime Minister is acting as if she is travelling about her own business and not that of the people of Jamaica, with trips paid for by the people of Jamaica. Not only has the Prime Minister been travelling with quite sizeable delegations in these austere times, but to date the country is unable to pin point how it has benefited from a number of these escapades.” said Floyd Green, President of the organisation.

Specifically the organisation mooted that the people of Jamaica have not been told of the outcomes from the following tips:

Mrs. Simpson-Miller’s May visit to the 67th session of the Africa Union, where she headed a sizeable contingent and was expected to explore issues of trade with African Nations;

The June 2013 visit of Prime Minister Simpson Miller to Nicaragua where she attended a heads of State summit on the PetroCaribe arrangement;

The CARICOM Heads of Government Conference in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad in July 2013, where one would have expected the Prime Minister to discuss Jamaica’s current trade deficit with our CARICOM partners and barriers to regional trade; and

The Prime Minister’s August, 2013 visit to China, which has been mired in confusion regarding the future of Goat Island.

G2K is reminding the Prime Minister that along with the people of Jamaica, overseas interests are keenly observing the government’s actions, or lack thereof.

“It would be to the detriment of the entire nation if investors and business leaders, both local and international, were to form the opinion that Mrs. Simpson-Miller has neglected to  give updates because she simply has nothing substantial to report.  We hope this is not the case and call upon the Prime Minister to urgently report to the Nation on all of the official trips she has taken since taking office.” added President Green.


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