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Mystic Mountain goes sky-high with Digicel Business

Digicel | 2013-09-11 00:00:00

Located 700 ft. above sea level is one of Jamaica’s tropical treasures, Mystic Mountain. Covering over 100 acres of lush mountainside rainforest, the Mystic Mountain Tropical Forest Adventure Tour has expanded to include the amazing Mystic Ridge Resort since its opening in 2008.

The rise of Mystic Mountain, as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Western Hemisphere, has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of visitors that pour into the facility on a daily basis. This surge in numbers meant an increased demand for technology and business solutions to manage the communication challenges that came with the rugged terrain, including poor internet connectivity. Taking factors such as its location and potential for future growth and expansion into consideration, Mystic Mountain partnered with Digicel Business to design the most robust solution necessary for taking the business to new heights.

After consulting with the management and staff of Mystic Mountain, Digicel Business designed a fully-scalable solution which included a smart PBX system with least-cost routing, a Closed User Group (CUG) for employees of the business, IP surveillance in both the parking lot and on the mountain as well as a Wi-Fi solution at Mystic Ridge that provides internet for hotel guests.

Mike Drakulich, co-founder of Mystic Mountain, explained the partnership and the benefits that it has received since partnering with Digicel Business. “Digicel’s offering matches the uniqueness of what we offer at Mystic Mountain and it is as diverse as the many products we have here,” he said. “We have to ensure that all systems are in place to protect our visitors and Digicel Business has a proven track record.”

Drakulich added that not only were Mystic Mountain’s communication challenges a thing of the past, but it was also able to save up to 30% on its communication costs. “We have staff members in our hotels and on our cruise piers, making up over 100 staff members on our corporate CUG and we now have greater efficiency in our operations.”

According to Digicel Jamaica’s Head of Sales for the Western Region, Joy Clark; “Mystic Mountain is located high up and in an area of dense forestation – and as such, it faces unique communication issues. Creativity and innovation are watch words for Digicel Business and we are pleased to have designed a robust solution for Mystic Mountain and, in the process, added cost-saving benefits to the package by using smart solutions.”

As Mystic Mountain sets its sights sky high on continued growth and expansion, its partnership with Digicel Business is set to go from strength to strength.

Mystic Mountain was built on strong eco-friendly principles and features many unique species of flora and fauna, including 16 different types of hummingbird. The exhilarating adventure park includes the Rainforest Sky Explorer, a chairlift which takes visitors from the entrance to the apex of Mystic Mountain; the Rainforest Bobsled ride inspired by the Jamaican bobsled team that participated in the 1988 Calgary Olympics and the Rainforest Canopy Zip Line Tour, a breath-taking whisk through the Mystic rainforest.


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