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Jamel Hall wins Bookophilia’s Really Really Short Story Competition

Bookophilia | 2012-01-06 14:38:00

Nearly 200 entries and 24 days later, Jamel Hall penned his way to winning Bookophilia’s Really Really Short Story Competition. Hall wins $20,000 in books. He will receive the award at Bookophilia’s Really Really Short Story Reading Party on January 20 at 6p.m.

As a part of its countdown to Christmas, Bookophilia announced The Really Really Short Story Competition, where persons were invited to submit 24-word stories between December 1 and 24, 2011. Bookophilia’s Twitter and Facebook feeds buzzed with queries: “24-words? That’s impossible”;”this must be a joke, right?”; and “$20,000 in books?!...I must enter!” The final entry was received at 11:59pm on Christmas Eve. Hall came out on top with this winning entry:
A window sill in the light of mourning:  Tea for two, one piping hot settling into the palms of   leaves; quickly gone. The other lukewarm, sweetened in her way... left to stand.
The judges, Ashley Gambrill, Diana McCaulay and Kim Robinson Walcott, looked for creativity and originality along with the use of humour, metaphors and surprises. Comedy, drama and an inspiring entry from 6 year-old Justin McKay about Hurricane Irene with a supporting illustration, rounded up the exciting submissions. Notable short stories included:  
The ink blossomed in its natural environment, graciously yielding twenty.  Now all that remained in yearning was four, which was indeed far from plenty.    Author: Egbert Pennster
Blindsided, flaying and burning; my heart lay at my feet and my tears gave up on me, I opened my book to rescue me. Author: Stephanie Saunders
These and other selected stories will be read at Bookophilia’s Really Really Short Story Reading Party on January 20 at 6p.m. at 92 Hope Road, Kingston 6. Guests are in for a night of entertaining stories and great music.
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