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Case of flu not yet sub-typed

Ministry of Health (NERHA) | 2013-10-22 00:00:00

The Ministry of Health has become aware of erroneous information in the public domain about a recent case of flu which has necessitated hospitalization. It is not standard operating procedure to comment on specific cases and this will continue to be so. However in the interest to a clear record while not naming this particular case the Ministry will outline some facts.

1. The recent case in question, although identified as “influenza A” has not yet been sub-typed. Therefore any information as to sub-type is at this time premature. Jamaica’s world-renowned Influenza Centre is doing the necessary tests at this moment.

2. The instant case is now being treated with the standard regimen (Tamiflu etc) and therefore any assertion about unavailability of drugs is at best ignorant if not irresponsible.

3. As per MOH release of October 10 2013 Jamaica has had a” few sporadic cases of influenza, including the influenza virus sub-type A(H1) pdm09 which has caused death in some Caribbean islands”. It is therefore expected that there will be other cases from time to time. (See full release below). At the same time there have been no deaths in Jamaica.

We take this opportunity to urge a greater sense of responsibility at this time when it is flu season which runs from October to May. Wash hands frequently and observe proper hygiene and stay at home if flu symptoms are observed. If symptoms do not respond to standard over the counter drugs then contact your doctor or local Public Health Centre

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