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Delay removal of JUTC transfer system says G2K

G2K | 2013-11-08 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party,  today called upon the Government to delay the termination of  the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) transfer system.

“The Government’s answer to the abuse of the transfer system cannot be to levy a hundred percent fare increase on an already burdened population. This move, coming on the back of a 25% fare increase, is unconscionable and another clear disregard of the harsh economic realities facing the people of Jamaica. The JUTC has announced the end to transfers, but is yet to indicate a suitable alternative system to ensure that there are enough buses on alternative routes or that buses are re-routed so that people can get to their final destination without being faced with an increase” said Floyd Green, President of Generation 2000.

The transfer system was implemented in 2008 with the opening of the Half Way Tree transport center, and allowed commuters from a number of routes to change buses in half way tree free of charge to get to their final destination. The change will impact over 4 million JUTC passengers.

“To announce the end of the transfer system without first putting in alternative arrangements and without fixing long-standing issues such as a proper scheduling system, fraudulent tickets and massive overtime payments, speaks to the dearth of management that this Government is asking the people of Jamaica to tolerate. It should not be accepted. Any step to remove the transfer system should be delayed until the Government can outline adequate alternative arrangements that does not further burden the commuting public.” added Green

Generation 2000 is urging the Portia Simpson Miller led administration to consider the actions of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who listened to the cries of her people and removed the 10% fare increases in that country in June of this year. The organization noted that President Dilma's decisive action to not only remove the 10% fare increase in the urban public transportation system in Brazil, but to also make political changes to stem corruption and make the transport sector more efficient, exemplifies the actions of a strong leader who truly believes in people power.

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