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NDM Supports Emphasis on Early Childhood Education

National Democratic Movement | 2012-01-09 14:59:00


The National Democratic Movement commends new education Minister the Hon. Ronald Thwaites on his recent statement that early Childhood Education would be his first area of emphasis.
For Years, the NDM have been urging successive governments to adopt early childhood education as the preferred approach and have had many discussions on the sterling long term beneficial results such an action would have.
We also recommend to the new Minister to bring all early childhood schools to the same standard and create a standard curriculum for all the schools with emphasis on READING, REASONING & RESPECT.
Place in those schools properly trained teachers who have attained the special skills to teach children age 2.5 – 6 years. The present pre-trained teachers should be given the opportunity to upgrade their credentials so their long experience would not be lost to early childhood teaching.
There are only about 15000 children annually whose parents may need special assistance and they can be covered under the PATH program. In 7-10 years we would have a literate society who can reason for themselves.

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