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G2K congratulates Andrew Holness

G2K | 2013-11-11 00:00:00

Following the leadership election at the historic Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) All Island General Council, Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), sends heartiest congratulations to the elected Leader of the party, the Honourable Andrew Holness.

G2K is happy that delegates participated in a well managed election process that was free from incident and which saw them making an unequivocal statement as to who should be the leader of the party. The organisation lauds Andrew Holness and his team for their hard work and the message of positive, transformational leadership which Mr. Holness has consistently articulated.

The organisation commits to throw its full support behind Mr. Holness, who has been given a clear mandate to lead the party. Additionally, G2K states that it will do every lawful thing in its power to see the return of the JLP to administering the affairs of the country and Andrew Holness to be Prime Minister of Jamaica.

G2K is also commending Deputy Leader Audley Shaw for the way in which his campaign was conducted and the gracious manner in which he accepted the decision of the delegates. Mr. Holness and Mr. Shaw’s post election conduct will no doubt go a far way in reducing any residual tensions from a competitive and intense campaign for leadership. Against that background, the foundation has been laid for all Members of Parliament, Councilors and Caretakers, to give full and energetic support to Mr. Holness’ leadership.

The organisation believes that the Jamaica Labour Party has come out as the victor through an energised base and now looks forward to overt steps being taken to reunite the party, so as to realise the party’s full potential of forming the next Government of Jamaica.


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