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JMA troubled by reports of the 13 Jamaicans denied entry into Trinidad and Tobago

Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association | 2013-11-22 00:00:00

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) is troubled by reports that 13 Jamaicans were recently denied entry into Trinidad and Tobago. This blatant disrespect and abuse that is continuously meted to Jamaicans, speak volumes of the disregard that some CARICOM member states have for Jamaica. Every time it seems we have made two steps forward, situations like these occur, and we have to take two steps back.

Jamaica has been a leading country in abiding to the rules of CARICOM. In fact, it was recently disclosed that the country surrenders as much as $15 billion in revenue as a subsidy to our CARICOM competitors, and to what benefit? Jamaica imports approximately US$132 million worth of goods from Trinidad without fuel and approximately US$700 million inclusive of fuel. This approach from Trinidad is therefore divisive and foolhardy given that Trinidad cannot do without CARICOM and the Jamaican market.

What we are encouraging is more trade of goods, services and resources to create more job opportunities, to develop skills, and to bring major benefits across the board for our economy and people. The provisions of the Treaty of Chaguaramas, clearly outlines free movement and all member states should comply with the rules of CARICOM. However, if we are not seeing a level playing field with trade imbalance and investment imbalance being addressed, then we may have to consider implementing more stringent measures.

The Association extends our sympathy to the affected persons and calls on the Government to tackle this matter with urgency, or we will continue to endure embarrassment and discrimination in this so-called regional single market and economy.


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