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Atkinson as Attorney General-“Strange & Unorthodox”

National Democratic Movement | 2012-01-10 14:06:00

The National Democratic Movement has serious concerns about the pending appointment of Mr. Patrick Atkinson as Attorney General. 

Should the appointment of Mr. Atkinson proceed there is a very strong view that this would be another ‘job for the boys’ as Mr. Atkinson has little experience in civil matters and has spent most of his years practicing in the criminal law. His recent prominence in the Manatt Enquiry plus his current involvement in other high profile criminal cases including but are not confined to ‘The Cuban Light-bulb case, the infamous “X6 murder” case and the PNP’s Trafegura case may make his appointment too toxic, particularly since this could undermine the most recent precedent of having a non-politician in this post.
The NDM is calling on Prime Minister Simpson Miller to make good sense prevail and out of abundance of caution and in the interest of good order to reconsider such appointment.

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