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FACEBOOK Group ‘Speak Your Mind Jamaica’ sharing with the indigent at the Golden Age Home at Christmas

| 2014-01-02 00:00:00

The FACEBOOK Group ‘Speak Your Mind Jamaica’, founded in November 2011 and boasting a 5,582 membership base, for the second year in a row visited upon the St Joseph's Golden Age Home in 2013 on Saturday 21st December 2013 and treated the residents of Cluster A to a three course Christmas Dinner (Appetizer, Entree and dessert) and delightfully wrapped care packages. 

The group became so highly concerned with a homeless man whose plight was brought to national attention by the local news station when Tropical Storm Nicole struck the island back in September 2010 that they arranged with the St. Joseph’s Golden Age Home to have the homeless man admitted as a resident. It was that episode that provided the impetus to make the St. Joseph’s Golden Age Home Christmas Treat a now annual charity event on the social commentary group’s calendar. 

The residents of the St. Joseph’s Golden Age Home were so grateful for the Christmas treat that many of the ‘Speak Your Mind Jamaica’ members who participated were brought in several instances to tears.   It really is true that the greatest gift that one can give is to give of one's self. It is equally true that the true measure of a nation is how that nation treats the elderly and the indigent.

It is important that those of us who are able to share with the elderly and indigent some of what we are fortunate enough to have so that they will feel good about themselves and will know that in these few remaining golden years they are not forgotten.

The social commentary group has a radio show every Saturday between 07:00 pm and 10:00 pm via Spreaker and is creating waves on the social commentary network. The group’s powerful attraction and success is its extensive audience of Jamaicans all across the world who creatively share solutions and ideas on the social commentary group’s Facebook page on a myriad of issues affecting Jamaica.

The aim of the social commentary group is to provide a forum to air and discuss social, cultural, economic and political issues affecting Jamaica and to advance ideas and solutions to meet these challenges.

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