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Education Ministry condemns shooting of Primary School teacher

Ministry of Education | 2014-01-06 00:00:00

The Ministry of Education has strongly condemned the fatal shooting of Mr. Paul Watson, Grade 5 teacher at Mona Heights Primary School.

Watson was one of two men among a group of five who were shot by gunmen at a bar in Harbour View, St. Andrew.

A trauma response team has visited the Mona Heights Primary school, to offer grief counseling services and support to the students and the teachers who have been affected by this unfortunate occurrence.

In addressing the teachers of the Mona Heights Primary this morning, Education Minister Rev Ronald Thwaites said,” There are two reasons why we are so grief stricken, firstly, Life is so precious, it is the essence of our being as we know it, secondly, the way that Mr. Watson’s life was taken is so squalid and unjust, to him or anyone else.

The Education Ministry also offers it condolences to Mr. Watson’s family and friends, and all of the other families of victims of homicide, as they struggle with the losses of their loved ones.

The Ministry of Education is alarmed by this tragic incident, the fifth violent act on a member of the education fraternity in two weeks. Since the start of the year, 16 - year old Tashiek Nugent of Brown’s Town High, 14 year old Jevaughnie Gordon, 17- year old Nordia Fearon and 18- year old Franciena Johnson have all been victims of random acts of bloodshed . This past weekend 18- year old Dimario Chang died in a motor vehicle accident.


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