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NE St. Elizabeth MP said to be "crippled" by news of double murder

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2014-01-10 00:00:00

Raymond Pryce, Member of Parliament for North Eastern St. Elizabeth has described as "crippling" the news of the double murder of two students from Thornton in the North of the Constituency.

News of the gruesome finds broke in the wee hours of Thursday morning after the youngsters' families reported them missing late in the evening. Both boys were engaged in their normal routine of catching shrimp. An activity they have done for years and which assisted their family income. Parents and residents started a search when calls to their cell phones went unanswered and when they had not returned home within the usual timeframe.

The Member of Parliament who had a previously scheduled visit to Balaclava and Magotty High School with Education Minister Ronald Thwaites said "the gruesome news put a damper on the series of meetings".

Minister Thwaites and a team from the Ministry had been in the constituency in the company of Mr. Pryce, in furtherance of school development projects. Minister Thwaites addressed students and staff at the institution(s) about the murder of the youngsters and gave words of encouragement in the wake of the tragedy.

MP Pryce has indicated that he will visit with the families of the slain teens and has had discussions with National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, regarding community based strategies that could be explored to restore a sense of confidence and security to the communities. The MP has noted that over recent months there have been a series of incidents across the constituency which are untypical of the area.



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